Top 3 Innovative Promotional Pens in 2015

Top 3 Innovative Promotional Pens 2015

And you thought promotional pens weren’t interesting…

Pens! Until recently I thought I’d come across every incarnation of Planetary Promotional pen Developmentpen, but soon met the reality that this ordinary object, ubiquitous within the promoter’s toolkit, has evolved to become much more than just a trusty writing tool.

As you shall soon see, promotional pens are at the precipice of pen innovation, driving forth pen development for the entire planet! Get one of these into your customers’ hands and you’ll be sure to have struck a chord with them.

The following pens are my favourites based on three main factors:

  •    Innovation
  •    Functionality
  •    Impact as a promotional tool

Prepare yourself…

The Banner Pen

This pen and leaflet hybrid is nothing short of magic

OK, perhaps my enthusiasm is slightly over the top, but seeing the leaflet spill from the pen like a magician pulling a long thread of hankies from his sleeve is delightful and certain to hold the attention of your customers.

As the name suggests, the banner pen contains a double-sided banner printed with a design of your choice. The banner works with a spring mechanism and automatically rolls back up inside the pen when released.

If on a budget, you can make a saving by including your logo on the edge of the design to have it show through the transparent pen barrel, instead of paying extra to get a print on the pen barrel itself.

The banner pens works well for promoting a new product or service, listing key events for your customers’ diaries, or simply presenting your brand along with some customer testimonials.

More Information

Prices at the time of writing

Prices include orgination, delivery and full colour banner print.

Quantity 500 1000 2500
Price (per pen)  £0.71 £0.61 £0.51

All prices subject to VAT

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The Banner Pen

USB Genius

“Where’s the USB?” On the end of your pen mate.

I don’t know about you, but I am forever misplacing USB sticks. The USB memory ‘clip’ on this pen is housed safely and conveniently inside the top, and when in place acts as the clicker (so you’ll know pretty soon if it’s missing!).

While the USB pen has been around for some years now, only recently has it become available with large memory, a small size and at a relatively low cost.

Demonstrating the type of engineering Germany is renowned for, the USB Genius pen from Klio Eterna offers an elegant pen with a premium feel.

Due to the relatively high cost of these compared to other pens, we would recommend them as a higher end option, better suited as a corporate gift than a giveaway promotional tool.

More Information

Prices at the time of writing

Prices include 1 colour print to barrel.

Quantity 100 250 500
Price (per pen)  £7.86 £7.10 £6.89

The price for USB pens do fluctuate due to European memory markets, please get in touch for up to date information on prices.

Prices subject to origination, delivery and VAT.

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USB Genius Promotional Pen

Lowton – 3 in 1

The ‘Swiss army knife’ pen fit for the information age

A triple threat of functionality, the Lowton offers a pen, stylus and torch all rolled up into one robust package.

The pen: Encased in an aluminium body, the pen has a pleasant weight and writes smoothly.

The stylus: Takes the frustration out of using touch screens. The stylus acts as a replacement for your finger, offering increased precision when selecting options on screen.

The torch: Impressively bright, the torch on the pen is definitely not an afterthought.

I was given one and take it everywhere, the company whose logo adorns it is now associated with quality and class. It’s definitely not a pen that gets left and forgotten the pen tidy!

If on a tight budget, the Lowton is available slightly cheaper in the form of the 2 in 1 (Pen/Stylus or Pen/Torch).

More Information

Prices at the time of writing

Price includes 1 colour engrave to the cap

Quantity 100 250 500 1000
Price (per pen) 2.59 1.89 1.69 1.55

Prices subject to origination, delivery and VAT.

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Lowton Stylus Promotional Pens

There is no doubt that the winds of change are blowing for the promotional pen. What will be next I wonder? If you have any questions about anything in this article, please leave a comment or get in touch using our contact form. Thanks for reading!

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